NUM student The future of Mongolia

We, the professors, researchers, lecturers and students of NUM, are full of hope to fulfill our vision and goals with dignity, enhancing our reputation as the “Leading Lecturers”, “Leading Students”, “Best Program”, “Best Research and Development”, “Best Administration and Management”, “Best Teaching and Learning Environment” and “Best Graduates”.

Message from the President

NUM, one of the Mongolian leading centers of education and science with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs, has trained more than 100,000 tertiary educated specialists through 75 graduations since its first graduation in 1946...

About NUM

We have set a goal to reach a competitive level with other regional institutions by changing our policy attitudes as the global educational and scientific demands are changing, as well as national...

University's Vision, Mission, Motto and Values

The vision of the NUM is to meet the international standards and improve its global ranking. As a result, it aims to become a leading research university within the region based on the liberal arts education, and subsequently to fit in the top 100 universities in Asia in 2024...

"The sparkle of the knowledge causes the fire of wisdom"
"Leading Mongolia - Competing in the world"
"NUM student The future of Mongolia"
"We admire true knowledge, humanism and intelligence"

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